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The Simple Guide to Packing a Dopp Kit

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Packing a Dopp Kit

Traveling Gentleman

Every man needs a good travel kit.  Whether you are going on a long weekend or a business trip, you will need certain personal items.  I have had one for years, but never really thought about it too much until just the other day a friend, who is new to wet shaving, asked me about how I transport my shaving products when I travel.  That conversation sparked the idea that perhaps a simple guide to packing a dopp kit would be helpful.

First, you need a dopp bag.  This is a small leather or tough synthetic material bag to keep your personal items. A quality bag will last years of use and abuse.  I would recommend getting one  that gives you enough room to include all your necessary items, plus a few extras if needed.  There are some great options out there that include multiple pockets for organizing,. However, I feel that keeping it simple will be to your advantage, especially in air travel.

Items to include

  • Toothbrush

  • Toothpaste

  • Deodorant

  • Small sewing kit

  • Shave brush

  • Shaving creme

  • Razor

  • Aftershave

  • Body powder

  • Shampoo

  • Soap

  • Eye care items if needed

  • Medications if needed

Now a word about a few of these items included when packing a dopp kit.  A small sewing kit can be very helpful if you need to sew on a button and just quickly stitch a hole.  Make sure items in the sewing kit comply with flight regulations.  Shampoo and soap may not be needed, as hotels provide these. However, you should plan to take your own if you have allergies or other needs.  Also, if you are traveling to friends or family members houses, please take your own items so you don’t use up theirs. This is just plain etiquette.

If you are a traditional wet shaver, you can be faced with some interesting challenges in packing your dopp kit.  We have soaps, mugs, safety razors and blades.  How do we pack all that?  I recommend taking a brush that is set aside for travel.  Leave your nice brush at home.  I take a cheap boar hair brush with me so that if I forget it or something happens to it I am not out of a great badger brush.  I would also say it is a good idea to get a soap or cream that travels easily.  I take a tub of Proraso with me.  Arko makes a small shave stick that is great for travel.  Safety razor blades are not permitted in a carry on bag for air travel.  They will need to be put in your checked luggage.  Some guys will opt for disposable razors instead.  I am an advocate of always looking your best and always having a great shave.  The Feather Popular safety razor is a great travel option and is very low cost. For aftershaves, I suggest getting a few sample size vials to pack.  The liquid restrictions on air travel make it so that you may need to pour some aftershave into a travel size container.  As this can be a messy task, you can find sample sizes from many aftershave manufactures.

Another helpful, and necessary, tip is to put any and all liquid items in a quart size ziplock bag.  This will prevent any spills from getting out. It will also comply with TSA regulations.

Go out and get yourself a dopp bag and you will be prepared to travel!  The unforgettable man will always want to look and feel his best.  Travel is no exception to this.  Happy trails!

Additional resources to consult before packing:

TSA guidelines for carry on items:

TSA liquids guidelines:

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