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Barber Shops Are a Place Every Gent Needs to Visit

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Barber shop

Barber shops are a great place for gents to visit to learn news about the community, make friends, tell stories, trade knives, and get a shave and a haircut.  Barber shops are a place for a father to take his son to see how real gents carry themselves and how they act with each other.  There are many reasons to go to a barber shop.  Today I wanted to share a funny story that shows why you should go to a barber shop.  Plus some great photos!

Barber shop

Floyd’s Barber shop Mt. Airy, North Carolina

This is a story I have seen in a few different places, but it illustrates a great point.

There’s an old story about a a barber shop in a small town that pretty much was the only place to get your haircut. They’d been there for 20 years and did a great job for a good price.

The town grew – and pretty soon one of those discount shops moved in right across the street. They put up a BIG Banner that announced they had $6 DOLLAR HAIRCUTS! Well, the folks that owned the original barber shop started losing business… they couldn’t meet their bills and obligations if they cut hair for $6 !!

They were honestly worried. And they were wringing their hands. The owner was at a Rotary Club meeting a few weeks later and was suddenly INSPIRED! He left the meeting feeling better than he had in WEEKS!

He went straight to the Fast Sign company and had a HUGE Banner made for the front of his store. The customers started coming back – and he never had to lower his prices.


The New Banner read… WE FIX $6 HAIRCUTS!

Barber shop

So there you go.  The best  reason to go to a barber shop is to get a great haircut by someone who is trained to cut gents hair.

If you have any barber shop stories please share them in the comments.

photo credits:   flattop341, Ted Van Pelt, the author’s personal collection

One Thought on “Barber Shops Are a Place Every Gent Needs to Visit

  1. Just went yesterday. :)

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