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My Barber School Journey: the first 2 weeks

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barber school

The Barber school

(editor’s note:  This post is sponsored by The Barber School)



Just a few weeks ago I shared that I am going to barber school.  As it turns out, that became one of my most visited articles.  Well, barber school has started and I am two weeks into it now.  I thought that I would share the experience with all of you.  So, what’s barber school like?  AMAZING!

The school is a full barbershop in addition to classrooms and things you would find in a school.  Being a barber shop, you walk in and are hit with the smells that take you back to being a little boy going to the barber shop with your dad.  There is the smell of Barbercide, clipper oil, hot lather, and great barbershop aftershaves like bay rum and Clubman.  You see men and boys getting cleaned up with smooth tapers and flat tops.  Guys are waiting up front for their turn in the chair.  There is a lot of hustle and bustle but there is a nostalgic feeling that makes the world stop and let’s you know everything will be ok because you are in the barber shop.

So what is barber school like?  At first you have to put in some time learning the basics of theory.  We have spent some time learning about the different learning styles.  This is designed to help the student find the best ways for them to learn the art of barbering.  We have also started to learn the 14 steps to a barber shop shave with the different hand positions that are required.  We have learned how to shampoo, and how to do scalp treatments.  We have spent time learning how to properly drape a barber cloth over a customer.

This past Friday we got our manikins.  We use manikins to learn how to separate hair, cut basic women’s styles and then move on to the men’s cuts.  Another advantage is that I can bring home the manikin and put some lather on the face and practice the steps to the shave.

One of the greatest advantages we have at barber school is that we are taught by Master Barber Tim Hite.  He has been cutting hair and teaching it for over 60 years now.  He has a lot of wisdom to share and has mastered techniques to teach.

Stay tuned as I continue to share what it is like to go through barber school.


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2 Thoughts on “My Barber School Journey: the first 2 weeks

  1. Can you “shave” the manikin? Or just apply lather and wipe it off with a razor with no blade inserted?

    • No you just apply the lather and swipe it off without a blade to make sure you have the strokes down. I am planning to put a blade in a little later on to see if I rough up the plastic any.

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