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HeadBlade: The Best Solution for a Bald Head


  Recently, I have been able to try out the HeadBlade head shaving system. If you shave your head, are going bald or are thinking about shaving your head, here are some of my experiences with the HeadBlade system. The system came with the HeadBlade ATX razor, a bottle of Read more →

Custom Shaving: An Interview With the Site Owner and a Product Review

Custom Shaving

    I write a lot about shaving, since it is a passion of mine.  Recently, I have had the pleasure of working with Christopher Batten from Custom Shaving.  Chris has a great site with a wide selection of shaving products to fit your needs.  In this article, I want Read more →

What is it like to go to Barber School Update 3

Barber School

  This post is brought to you by The Barber School It has been a couple of months since I last gave an update on barber school.  I get asked a lot, “what is it like to go to barber school?”  Well folks, here is update number 3 on the Read more →

A Big Thank You For a Great First Year

thank you

  The Unforgettable Man celebrated one year online yesterday.  I just wanted to express my thanks to all of you who stop in to check out the site.  Thank you  to all of you who have subscribed to get email updates.  Also, those that follow the site on Facebook, Twitter, Read more →

Synergy Shaving Soap is the New Way to Synergize Your Shave!

Synergy Shaving Soap

  After a break for the holidays and some busy life it is time to get back at it  and share a product review.  Recently I have been trying out Synergy Shaving Soap in Cavendish scent from How To Grow a Moustache.  I want to cover some unique features of Read more →

My Barber School Journey: the first 2 weeks

barber school

(editor’s note:  This post is sponsored by The Barber School)   Just a few weeks ago I shared that I am going to barber school.  As it turns out, that became one of my most visited articles.  Well, barber school has started and I am two weeks into it now. Read more →

5 Easy Tips For a Great Job Interview

Job Interview

Do you want to knock the socks off the person interviewing you for a job?  Sure you do. Do you feel like you need some job interview tips?   Maybe you are just finishing college and hitting the job market.  Perhaps you are looking to switch companies.  Maybe it has Read more →

Barber School And Why I Decided to Learn The Art Of Barbering

Barber School

A barber shop is a bastion of manliness and the ways of the gentleman. There is a great sense of community in the barber shop and its’ culture. It is something I have encouraged guys to go to and experience. So I have decided to go to barber school and Read more →

Thanksgiving Memories and Gratitudes From The Unforgettable Man


As we here in the States gather this week with friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving, I thought I might share a bit about what I am thankful for and some memories of past Thanksgivings.  After all, it is good for a man to take time to reflect a bit Read more →

10 Classic Things Every Man Should Own

items you should have

A classic gentleman should be well equipped with the things he needs in life. The unforgettable man wants to live a life of simplicity and quality. In making sure you are well equipped in life, there are a few things that are a must. If you are a blue collar Read more →

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